Baseball Betting On The MLB – Betting Strategies To Get More From The Ball Game

Learn How To Bet On Baseball

Baseball is truly the all American game, and with thousands of games going on every season, all culminating in the World Series, there are plenty of opportunities for the smart bettor to learn how to bet on baseball and how to win with their baseball betting. It’s truly a game for bettors and for those who love their stats and we’ll take you through the best baseball betting strategies to show you just how to bet on MLB.

MLB Baseball Betting – How To Bet On Baseball

To learn how to bet on baseball, you first need to learn about the game. Baseball betting is all about understanding the game, reading the stats, and immersing yourself in this most American of sports.

The game of baseball has two teams of nine players who take it in turns to bat and field for nine innings. The batting team attempts to score as many runs as possible, whilst the fielding team attempts to get three ‘outs’ to end the innings. That’s just the very basic idea of baseball. But to truly understand how to bet on baseball, we’d definitely recommend that you spend time studying the game. There’s no better way to understand how baseball betting works than to watch the games unfold.

Players To Study For Baseball Betting – Pitchers And Hitters

When thinking of how to bet on baseball, you must study the form of the key players on both sides to properly develop great baseball betting strategies. For the batting side, you need to study the stats for all the hitters, including plate appearances, weighted on-base average, on-base percentage, isolated power, runs batted in, and their number of home runs. For the fielding side, there’s really only one player you need to study for your baseball betting and that’s the pitcher, the most important player on the field. You need to study his form, but also consider the effectiveness of the relief pitchers, as they will get their fair share on pitching time during the season. Look for stats on innings pitched, walks plus hits per innings pitched, wins above replacement player, and earned run average.

The study of stats in baseball is practically an art in itself. It takes years to truly appreciate the subtleties of this unique sport, but when you’re new to baseball betting; just concentrating on these key stats should allow you to put together baseball betting strategies that will deliver results.

The Three Basic MLB Betting Types You Need To Know

When you’re going to start your MLB betting, you need to start with the three basic baseball betting types; money line, run line, and total.

Money line is a straight win bet. You simply pick the team you think will win and place your bets. Totals in MLB betting refer to the total number of runs that will be scored in the game. The totals bet is an over/under type bet – the bookmaker decides on a figure for total runs scored by both teams in the game and you’re bet will be under if you think the two teams will score less than that figure or over if you think there will be more runs scored.

The run line is the baseball equivalent to a handicap bet, or spread bet in American Football betting. And, just as in American Football, we could write an entire article just on the complexities of how to bet on MLB run lines.

Factors To Affect Baseball Betting

When looking at how to bet on baseball, there are so many things to consider. But for the novice it’s best to limit these factors to just the most important. These include home field advantage, weather conditions, and baseball stadium layout. Even just these three variables can be very complex. For example, when thinking of weather conditions; temperature, heat, and humidity all play a part. The baseball will travel further through thinner hot air and slower through less humid air. So hot and humid ball games tend to see more home runs than hot and dry ball games. All of which means you need to spend time looking at weather stats carefully before putting settling on your MLB betting for the week! Similarly, the field layout and position of seating can affect scoring massively.

Baseball Betting Strategies – All About Studying Those Stats!

What we’ve covered are just the simplest in so many factors you need to consider in thinking about how to bet on baseball. As a novice, just dealing with these properly will improve your baseball betting results. As you get more experienced, you can dive ever deeper into the incredible numbers of stats available. Baseball is a fabulously exciting sport but also one where stats rule everything. Understand this and you understand baseball. And understanding baseball is key to all great baseball betting strategies.