Win And Make Money On NBA Betting

Basketball Betting Strategies For You With Your NBA Guide

In Basketball terms, the American NBA league is the gold standard, and NBA betting dominates the offerings from bookmakers. You can bet on other basketball in other countries with some bookies, but frankly, there’s so much incredible action and fantastic NBA betting opportunities that we think it’s enough. With this basketball betting guide, we’ll be showing you how to bet on NBA, and by extension, how to bet on basketball from other countries as well. With helpful tips on how to get more from your NBA betting, you’ll have all you need for great basketball betting strategies.

Betting Strategy Basics – Know Your Stats And Apply Them

The foundation of all basketball betting strategies is knowledge. If you only do this then you’re still up on the game of how to bet on NBA. You’re looking for the stats, the knowledge, the tips, the trends in NBA games past to inform your NBA betting now. Use the Internet’s huge number of basketball betting guide sites and study. Identify teams who start seasons strong and tail off, spot bogey teams, track injuries to players and bet accordingly.

When learning how to bet on NBA, the main take home is that learning means earning! But the learning should never stop, become a student of the stats.

How To Bet On The NBA – Betting Markets – Simple Betting

With 30 teams playing through the season, there’s certainly no shortage of betting opportunities for NBA betting. But when it comes to how to bet on NBA it pays to look at is the type of bets offered. We’ll look at the simple bets first and get more complicated as we go on with our look at how does basketball betting work.

Win Bet (Moneyline)

The simplest bet when learning how to bet on NBA. You’re simply betting on the team to win. There are proposition bets for moneyline available for you as well, such as first quarter moneyline, first half moneyline etc. These are ideal for your basketball betting strategies if you know your team starts fast and well, or possibly when the final quarter looks good, it’s perfect to switch to a final quarter moneyline.

Total Points (Over/Under)

How to bet on basketball total points market is another simple thing. The bookmaker sets the points total and you bet whether the actual score will be over or under to win the bet. Again, you can take various prop bets, such as first half total points.

For example, if the Lakers play the Knicks, the total might be set as 180. Betting under would win if the game ends with 179 points or less, betting over would win for 181+. If the score is 180, it’s a push and you receive your stake back.

Handicap Or Spread Betting – A More Complicated Betting Market

Spread betting is the mainstay of basketball betting strategies. So, not one to try when you aren’t completely sure of the basics of how does basketball betting work. But, once you’re confident it’s the best way to win well and win often.

With spread betting the favourite team is given a minus handicap of x points. To win your spread bet, the team has to win by more than these points. Bet on the underdog and you win your bet if they win the game or lose by less than the points score.

Again, taking the Lakers vs Knicks to illustrate: If a bookie gives you Lakers -15.5, the Lakers need to win by 16 points for you to get money. The Knicks could win, tie, or even lose by less than 15 then you win.

Use In-Play Basketball Betting To Win

Live betting is a great strategy for how to bet on NBA. You can take stock at half-time and act fast to take advantage of team positions and stats.

For example, if the Lakers are 20 points up on the Knicks at the half it’s time to hit the stats. The Lakers FG% is 46.1% average. Yet here they’re at 53%. So, statistically, you’d expect them to not keep the scoring up. So, playing the stats, you’d consider betting against them, especially if the Knicks are under average for the half.

The Secret To Betting NBA And Winning

The secret of how to bet on the NBA and win is simple. Work. Yes, work. It takes a lot of work to develop a truly effective betting strategy and we’ve only touched on that work here.

There’s no sure fire guaranteed strategy. Any good bettor knows that. But, with the work, with getting the knowledge, by analysing stats, by taking advantage of the stats, applying the knowledge, you’ll be able to increase your win percentage, increase your return. And that’s the real secret to how to bet on NBA and win.