Darts Betting Strategy – Making Your Darts Bets Pay More

Why Do You Need A Darts Betting Strategy?

Darts is a simple game and easily understood. But, it’s also a game full of great betting opportunities. For the punter, our guide on how to bet on darts can help you create a darts betting strategy to boost your returns on the game. So, step up to the ockey and let’s get ready to throw some arrows!

Darts Betting – What You’re Betting On

Gameplay in darts is simple enough; each player takes their turn to throw three darts and score as many points as possible, starting at 501 and getting down to zero, with the maximum score being the 180. Most tournaments are first to six or 10 legs, with the World Championships played as first to three sets, with each set being a best of five legs.

Even though it’s a simple game, there are plenty of darts betting markets available, all of which you need to understand for an effective darts betting strategy. So, for a quick guide on how to bet on darts markets, we’re going to take you through just a few.

Darts Betting Markets – Strategy For Match & Tournament Winners

A straight win bet, either on the winner of a particular match or the outright for the tournament. As always, the favourites are usually at such short odds that the returns simply aren’t worth the bet. It always used to be the legend that is Phil Taylor, but in recent years his dominance has faded, meaning there’s money to be made by looking at promising up and coming players who are challenging the top spots. So, for your darts betting strategy to deliver the goods, take a good look at the online form guides to identify a player on a good winning streak or see if there are match-ups that always seem to be one-sided.

Darts Betting Strategy – Most 180s

This prop bet is a great way to deliver sizable winnings. Again, the key for this darts betting strategy is to study those form guides. You’ll discover those players who always go for the big scores but you’ll also find ones to avoid, the players who rarely go for 180 and prefer to ‘go downstairs’ for treble 19s. It’s all about knowing how the players prefer to score to get the big wins at great odds with most 180s.

The Nine Darter Finish Bet

The nine darter is darts equivalent of a 147 snooker break; 501 in just three trips to the ockey. It’s a yes/no bet and the odds of getting one in a tournament are so good that ante-post odds are usually not worth the trouble. To make the most of a nine darter bet as part of your darts betting strategy bet on individual matches where odds for perfect legs are way better.

How To Bet On Darts Handicapping

Now we venture into more complicated betting markets. If you’re just starting out learning how to bet on darts, handicapping may not be for you quite yet!

As in all handicaps, the idea is to create betting conditions to level the playing field when two players aren’t equally matched. So a favourite will get a minus handicap (legs or sets) and the outsider a plus handicap. Played right, handicap bets through a tournament offer great chances to win big and by learning how to bet on darts handicaps you can get far better odds on a favourite than in standard match betting. It also lets you bet and win on a match where you think the loser will run the favourite close.

Match Betting In Darts – Hedging Your Darts Bets

Something for the really experienced bettor only, match betting is a way of using a bookmaker and a betting exchange to offset any loses and potentially win big, often by using a bookmaker’s free bet offer. Match betting darts explained works like this; You back a player, maybe using a free bet or promotion at the bookie and then lay the same bet at a betting exchange, such as Betfair, but at slightly lesser odds. In theory, no matter what the outcome you’ll be ahead. But, if you can match the bookie back bet with a promotion, you can really push the winnings higher and higher.

Match betting darts explained here is merely the smallest insight into a really powerful but very complicated part of a great darts strategy, and something for the experienced bettor to think about if they want to really supercharge their darts strategy.

Darts Betting – It’s All About Getting The Right Strategy To Max The Returns

Darts betting can be as simple or as complicated as you choose. Either way, the key to continued success for how to bet on darts is easy; get the right darts betting strategy and you’ll be the punter hitting 180 with your betting!