Golf Betting Strategy – Bet Smarter, Win Bigger!

Why Do You Need A Golf Betting Strategy?

There’s a quote often attributed to Mark Twain that says; “Golf is a good walk spoiled”, but we’d definitely say that anyone who thinks that has never really experienced playing, watching, or betting on this fabulous sport.

As a game, golf is very simple – hit ball into hole in as few strokes as possible. Player with lowest number of strokes wins. But, when you’re learning how to bet on golf you’ll soon realise that there’s way more to it than that. And that’s why you need the best golf betting strategy when you’re learning how to bet on golf! In this Sportwetten golf betting guide, we’re going to help you develop your own golf betting strategy; to include all the important factors that could make or break your golf bets!

Before You Begin – Do Some Research For Your Golf Betting Strategy

Sometimes the simplest golf betting strategy is the best, which is why our first how to bet on golf tip in this golf betting guide is simply to know as much as you can about the sport. It’s not the sexiest tip ever, we know, but it’s the one that forms the basis of every good sports betting strategy, including your golf betting strategy.

There are so many factors involved in a game of golf, but we can break it down to a key three you need to research; player, course, conditions. You should study the past and current form of any player to see just how well they’re playing, but also look at how well they’ve performed on a particular course. Most players will have a particular style, and with the huge variation in courses across the big tournaments, there are bound to be both favourite and bogey courses for all. You need to analyse their playing style, looking at things like their driving range, their putting accuracy, how they cope with hazards. And then there are the conditions – some player’s games completely fall apart when playing in the rain and wind and knowing this will completely alter your golf betting strategy.

Learn To Limit Your Bets To Key Players And Tournaments

Golf is a year-long sport, with tournaments both big and small all over the world. And bookmakers will cover as many as they can. In addition to this, each major golfing event will have upwards of 100 players. There is, we believe, simply far too much choice in the golf betting market. So, our golf betting guide advice is simple – ignore players and ignore tournaments! It’s far better to concentrate on a few carefully chosen players and a few carefully chosen tournaments. This way you can focus that all important research and narrow things down to those vital winning bets!

The Beauty Of The Field Bet – A Golf Betting Strategy To Reduce Risk

When you look at the results of the major golf tournaments, you’ll often see the same few superstar players dominating the top five. This dominance is well known by bookies, which is why they’ll often offer really poor odds on these top players. One way of getting better odds and also reducing your risk should there be an upset is by taking what’s known as the field bet.

With a field bet you aren’t betting on one player to win, instead you are betting on a group of players to win. The number of players depends on the bookmaker, but it’s often possible to get a sizeable number in your field bet at pretty reasonable odds. It really does help to spread the risk and overcomes the poor odds seen in golf favourite betting.

Always Hunt Down The Best Odds & Promotions For Your Golf Bets

This is a golf betting guide tip that applies equally to all of your sports betting. It doesn’t matter how great your golf betting pick is, if it wins with poor odds when you could have done much better with another bookmaker you’re going to feel like a loser! Before you bet, check out the odds at multiple bookies to see how well you could do – even a small increase in odds means more money for your win.

Similarly, always be on the lookout for some of the excellent golf bonuses and promotions you’ll find around the major golf tournaments. These can really add value to your golf betting, but always remember to check out the t&cs and wagering requirements to be sure any promotion suits your betting.

Golf Betting Gets Smart With A Good Golf Betting Strategy

With our how to bet on golf guide, you have everything you need to get your betting well below par! With just a few key points for your golf strategy, your betting will deliver more results and more winnings, making you feel like you’ve just landed a hole in one on the 18th every time!