Horse Racing Strategies For Betting – Simple Guide To Getting More

Horse Betting Guide For Beginners

Horse Racing is one of the biggest betting markets in the world. Whether it’s the prestige of Grand National day at Aintree or a cold and wet Saturday afternoon race from Wetherby in November, you’ll find plenty of betting opportunities. But, if you’re serious about how to bet on horse races, then you need to develop horse racing strategies for betting. And with our horse betting guide, we’ll give you all you need to know for how to work out bets on horse racing. So, read on for our simple and easy horse betting how to guide!

How To Work Out Bets On Horse Racing – The Basics

If you’re completely new to the sport and to betting, how to work out bets on horse racing can seem daunting. But, fear not, it’s something that’s simple to get started with, especially after you’ve read our horse racing beginners guide.

Horse racing has two main versions; you have flat racing, where the horses run around a track and the first horse past the finishing post is the winner. The second version is National Hunt racing, where horses go over jumps. National Hunt racing can be either a hurdles or a steeplechase with the jumps in steeplechase being higher, more solid, and more difficult than hurdles.

Now, when it comes to betting, things start out very simple but can get complicated. But any simple horse betting guide has to start with an explanation of odds. This is when the bookmakers predict the probability of any horse winning and assign odds to reflect that. The more chance they think a horse has of winning, the shorter the odds will be. The horse the bookies believe will win is their ‘favourite’ with the shortest odds.

When looking at how to work out bets on horse racing, the standard bet is a win bet, where you only win the bet if your horse finishes first. The shortest odds you can get are 1/100 (1.01) which means a £1 stake on a winning horse would give you a return of £1.01 – your £1 stake returned and winnings of 1p. As the odds increase the return and winnings go up, so a £1 bet at 10/1 (11.00) odds winner would return £11.00 (£1 stake plus £10 winnings).

Once you’ve mastered the simple win bet and have an understanding of the odds, there are plenty of more complicated bets to make, but that’s something for a more detailed guide. Here, in our horse racing beginners guide, we’re going to take you through some of the essentials for developing good horse racing strategies for betting.

Each-Way Betting – Betting Strategy To Spread The Risk

You can also place an each-way bet as part of your horse racing strategies for betting, which is a really good way of spreading your risk as you receive winnings if your chosen horse wins or comes in second or third (some bookies pay for 2nd-5th). An £1 each-way bet costs £2 because you are putting both a win bet and a place bet, and your winnings will vary according to the odds each bookie gives for the win and the places.

Look Beyond The Favourites For Better Winnings

It’s very tempting, when looking at how to bet on horse races, to go for favourites in each race. But, this doesn’t work out well for any horse racing strategies for betting for a couple of reasons. Firstly, favourites have very short odds and it often simply isn’t worth the bet for the small amount of winnings you’ll receive. Secondly, statistics show us that non-favourites win horse races, on average, 65% of the time. Yes, backing the favourite can be a good thing now and then, but you’ll find richer pickings a lot of the time looking for promising longer odds horses.

You Can’t Beat  A Bit Of Knowledge!

When you’re betting, a little research goes a long way! It might not be the most exciting horse betting how to tip, but it is true! Look online and you’ll find a huge number of sites with form guides for horses, jockeys, and trainers. You also need to look at racing conditions and racecourses and how you’re horse has performed there in the past. The more information you have at your fingertips, the better your horse racing strategies for betting will be – and that means more wins!

Horse Racing Beginners Guide – You’re Off To The Races!

With this short horse racing beginners guide we’ve only given you the very basics, but even with these you’ll be able to get started with your own strategy for how to bet on horse races and win!

The Horse Racing Strategy Key Points:

  • Know your odds
  • Use each-way betting as a way to spread risk
  • Don’t always back the favourites
  • Research, research, research!