Bet On Politics – Mastering The System

Unlike the sporting bet markets offered by most bookmakers, taking a bet on politics is a murky market to dive into. It’s more difficult than sports betting, as you’re not wagering on the athlete’s skill or the team’s performance. Instead, your bet on politics in both UK political betting and betting worldwide is a mix of perception, propaganda, political manoeuvring, and most difficult of all, the will of the people voting. Making a great bet on politics is hard, making a consistently great politics betting strategy even harder. But, with our political betting guide, we’ll set you off with the fundamentals to underpin a political betting strategy.

Bet On Politics – It’s A Dangerous Game

The trouble with political betting is that it’s predictable only for being unpredictable. The Brexit vote, the Trump presidency; all the savvy media analysts, opinion polls, and exit polls were wrong in their predictions.

So, when looking at political betting you really have to do as much research as possible, yet still be aware that, despite all the research, despite studying previous results, despite everything, it could all go completely wrong when you bet on politics!

What Political Betting Market?

As bookmakers don’t offer that many opportunities to bet on politics, you’ll usually only have option of taking part in UK political betting, possibly including markets for major policies affecting the UK, including bets around the Scottish independence issue and devolution and the Brexit question. If the bookmaker offers more than just UK political betting odds it’s most likely going to involve President Trump and the USA, although there have been occasional wagers offered for Irish political betting as well.

In UK political betting you’ll find UK political betting odds for such things as the next Tory leader, year of next General Election, next Prime Minister, next Cabinet Minister to leave, and many more.

One of the consistent best sites for political betting is Paddy Power. Their dedicated politics section has UK political betting odds, plus Trump/USA, and Ireland bets available. And the sheer breadth is as amazing as it is often ridiculous. For example, you could get odds for 70+ potential Presidents in the 2020 race. Outsiders there include Beyonce and Kim Kardashian at 200/1 (201.00).

Getting Started With UK Political Betting – A Dangerous Game

Once you’ve found the UK political betting market and the bookie, you need to decide what you’re betting on, and then go carefully into the market!

The most important thing to consider even before you bet on politics, is do you know enough to make your bet pay off? You can never have too much knowledge and information, especially in the unusual market of UK political betting. You need a really solid grasp of the political climate of the area you’re betting on and whilst national news media might be great for General Election races, if you’re looking more local you need the info to drill down to a local level. There are several major political betting sites online, but the go to site has to be, where you’ll find stats, tips, news, and gossip to give you the knowledge you need before you can think about your bet on politics.

Non UK Political Betting – USA Political Betting – Trump Time!

If you’re not familiar with the country and its politics, you’re already at a disadvantage. The political parties will be unfamiliar, the policies foreign, the voting system possibly totally different. So, when looking to bet on politics from other countries it’s vital that any betting strategy has, as its foundation, a solid knowledge of the political climate of the country.

US politics are all about Democrat vs Republicans, the two political parties. Every political race in the USA, whether it’s local, state, the Senate, or Congress is contested between politicians from these two parties. And, as with any two-party system, it makes for intense political divisions. The USA is a country split into red (Rep.) and blue (Dem.) and these divisions are so deep rooted that most elections are actually settled by a small minority of swing voters.

For any USA betting strategy you have to consider the political race you’re looking at. And that means looking at the characters involved. But, as we’ve seen with Trump vs Clinton, the results are usually very close fought things, which isn’t always best for our bet on politics. Instead, one area to look at is the step before the presidential election. Here, the Republican and Democrat parties select their candidates from a wider field, and you should be able to make bank with the more lucrative odds on offer.

How To Bet On Politics To Win And Profit?

To win and profit when you bet on politics is harder than most betting markets, due to the unique nature of the political betting market, the motivations of politicians, the fickleness and unreliability of the voting public. However, the fundamentals of a good betting strategy; knowledge, looking for value odds, identifying potential outsiders as they move up in the polls.