Rugby Betting Explained For You – Maximise Your Return With Our Strategy

Rugby League? Rugby Union? Both Can Use A Great Rugby Betting Strategy!

Rugby is a game of two codes, which split a long time ago. But whether you’re a fan of Rugby Union or Rugby League, you’ll certainly be looking to make as much profit from your rugby betting. And with this simple how to bet on rugby guide, we’ll be showing you a great rugby betting strategy for success.

Differences Between League And Union

Both games are played in a similar fashion, with two teams attempting to score through tries or kicking the rugby ball. The differences are many but basically most obviously they differ in tackling and restart of play. When we’re looking at how to bet on rugby, we’ll consider both codes and show you how to improve both your Rugby Union and Rugby League betting.

Rugby Betting Markets

You’ll find plenty of opportunities to bet on the major tournaments and leagues for both Rugby Union and Rugby League betting. When it comes to rugby betting markets, you’ll find it’s very similar to football betting with the main betting markets being tournament outrights, match bets, and totals. But, like other high-scoring games, you can also find plenty of opportunity for handicap betting. In addition you’ll find different prop bets offered at different bookmakers.

Win Bet And Totals Bet Markets

The win bet is simplest, a straightforward who will win bet. Totals betting is an over/under bet where bookies set total points score and you bet whether the total score will be more (over) or less (under) that selection. Remember to take into account rule changes that award a bonus point for scoring four tries in a game. So, when looking at totals betting on Premiership and Heineken Cup it’s important to factor it into any strategy.

Handicap Betting – The Great Leveller And A Favourite For Favourites

Handicap betting is something you should only consider when you know the basics of how to bet on rugby. It’s an advantage given to the weaker team to make the rugby betting more evenly balanced. Handicap betting is by far the best way to back a favourite, as the odds here are considerable more attractive than a straight favourite win. As long as you’re confident the favourite will win by more than the negative handicap applied, it’s one to go for.

Rugby Betting – Consider The Prop Markets But Know The Game And Positions First!

Prop bets are other bets, not concerned with the overall result. They’re often a perfect way to generate impressive returns as long as you know enough to make the prop bet work. These can include number of tries, kicks, first half result, first half total, and many more. But, with rugby being a more technical and positional game than football, it’s vital you know who does what on the pitch to give you the best chance of backing a winning prop bet.

For example, with knowledge of the game you’d be far more likely to bet on a winger for a first try scorer bet since they’re the most likely player to score tries with around 70% of passing moves resulting in the ball getting to the winger.

Similarly, for the anytime try scorer it’s always worth looking at forwards, who’ll be involved both in passing moves and driving the ball in mauls to score. They might not get the first try, but getting a forward at some attractive long odds is a fine bet to take.

Betting Strategy Basics – Know The Game, Know The Teams, Know The Players

Sometimes basic betting strategy, whether for Rugby Union or Rugby League betting is as simple as sitting down and doing some research. It’s not terribly exciting, but it is incredibly effective in improving the likelihood of knowing what sort of bet to put on for a profitable result.

Last minute injuries, players left out, international duty, all of it can have a huge impact on a team and on your rugby betting. And look at previous match-ups to determine bogey teams. And then there’s the issue of styles of play, two teams who both favour kicking and have superb defences are unlikely to set the world alight in terms of try scoring! In that case, you’d be best looking at a first points scored bet for a penalty.

Betting Strategy Basics Again – Search For Best Rugby Betting Bonuses & Odds

Again, an obvious one, but obvious sometimes needs pointing out! Always check around the bookmakers for their best bonuses, promotions, and odds. A small increase in the odds could turn a modest win into a darned fine one!

Rugby League Or Rugby Union, The Betting Strategies Can Deliver Wins!

It really doesn’t matter if it’s Rugby Union or Rugby League betting, following our rugby strategy tips should not only show you how to bet on rugby, but show you how to make great bets for great winnings.