Football Over Under Betting – A Profitable Alternative To Match Betting

What Is Over Under Strategy?

In straight match betting you’re simply trying to pick a winner or with 1×2 betting where you’re picking home/away winner or a draw. But, with over under betting you are betting on whether a certain value in the match will be over or under the value set by the bookmaker for the match. Most often, the over under is on total goals or points scored by both teams, but there are opportunities to bet over under for other values, such as goals/points in a half/period.

One of the most popular over under betting markets is in football. The average number of goals in the Premier League varies season to season, with the highest average of 2.81 coming in the 2011-2012 season and the lowest, 2.45, coming in the 2006-2007 season. So the bookie’s favourite over under figure for football tends to be 2.5 goals, which is why having a great over under 2.5 goals strategy is essential for your continued betting success.

Here in this article, we’ll be concentrating on the football over under 2.5 goals strategy, but it can easily be applied to any number and any sport.

How Does Over Under Betting Work?

Over under betting, whether it’s our chosen over under 2.5 goals strategy or any other strategy for other sports, is really simple to understand. So, to show how does over under betting work we’ll take a Manchester City vs. Liverpool match as our example.

For the match, the bookmaker has set the over under betting total goals as 2.5. This means that the bookie thinks the total number of goals, by both teams will be 2.5 – the bookie usually picks a half number to allow punters to easily bet above and below. If you think the game will be a low scoring affair, maybe a 0-0 or 1-1 draw or one team will win 1-0 or 2-0, you’re going to want to take the under 2.5 bet. If you think there are going to be 3 goals or more, in total from both teams, you’ll take the over bet. And that’s it – we told you over under 2.5 goals strategy was easy, didn’t we! But read on to find out more and discover how does over under betting work for you!

How To Make Over Under 2.5 Goals Strategy Work For You

So, over under betting is simple to explain, but that doesn’t mean it’s not something that’s easy to get right. And that’s why a great over under 2.5 goals strategy is so important if you’re really looking to do well this football season! Because we’re dealing with pretty standard scores here, you’ll find that the odds involved tend to be quite short and it’s down to you getting that betting strategy right to make those lovely returns on your winning bets!

So, when it comes to over under betting, you’re going to need to know your facts and know your stats. There are plenty of sites where you can find out the long-term scoring form of teams and looking into these can only help your total goals prediction. And you should also use your knowledge to find those games that have a tendency to be big scoring games. Sometimes it’s local derbies, or important end of season clashes. But, it could be something as simple as a team losing a key defender or having to field their third-string keeper for a particular game. Knowing the facts will super-charge any over under 2.5 betting strategy and that means you’re in the money!

Bookmakers tend to offer fairly short odds for over under 2.5 goals, so it’s even more important to try to find those best odds possible for your over under betting. And also keep an eye on those odds to discover those wonderful moments when you reckon the bookie has it wrong. Strike fast to take advantage and you’ll be quids in!

Over Under Betting – The Right Strategy Pays Dividends!

The over under bet is becoming increasingly popular with punters, with most bookies offering a wealth of over under choices in addition to their favourite over under 2.5 goals football market. Although it seems relatively simple, there’s still plenty of opportunity to apply a great over under strategy. If you’ve done the research and chosen the right match, you can really make the over under bet be a big payer for you!

Our Over Under Betting Five Essentials

  • Bet on a score being over or under the bookmaker’s prediction.
  • Football over under 2.5 goals is a bookie’s favourite.
  • Study form and stats to make your bet a winner.
  • Use team/player knowledge to identify games where the bookie has it wrong.
  • Search for those great odds to maximise over under betting winnings.