Get The Best Value For Your Bets With Our Pick 3 Betting Strategy Guide

What Is Pick 3 Betting Strategy?

Pick 3 is a very simple betting option, most often used for horse racing, which offers you a great potential return on your stake. But to really get the best value for your bets, you need to develop a good pick 3 betting strategy. And with this article, we’re going to help you do just that, showing you everything you need to know about pick 3 betting and how you can make a pick 3 betting strategy that will work the best for you.

With a pick 3 bet, you need to predict the three winners of three consecutive races, placing the bet at the start of the racecard or, with what’s called a rolling pick 3, placing it during the racecard on three upcoming races. It’s a modified form of accumulator bet, with the extra factor of having to place your pick 3 bets on three races in a row. And, of course, as with any acca bet, the combined odds for the three races could lead to some really impressive bank account boosting wins! But, if just one horse fails to win, the whole pick 3 bet is lost.

How To Win With The Pick 3 Betting Strategy

It’s a simple bet to explain; 3 winners, 3 consecutive races. But, it’s not so simple to perfect the art of picking the perfect pick 3. And that’s where our pick 3 betting strategy comes in.

Analyse the racecard & check out the tips!

For a pick 3 to have any chance of paying out for you, you need to take a good look at the runners through the day’s racecard. It’s important to do some work beforehand to be able to make that informed decision about which three horses will contribute to your big win. There are many sites you can find offering some great horse racing tips that could really help you out when making those three vital picks.

Think about the odds – favourites or not?

When thinking about the potential winners, it’s well worth remembering two things; no one makes a huge profit backing favourites all the time and a horse other than the favourite wins a race approximately 66% of the time. So, when choosing your pick 3 it’s worth looking for favourites that could easily be threatened by the other runners. And being able to put some of your pick 3 on a promising near favourite and an outsider will result in far better odds for the individual race and a massively improved payout on the winning pick 3.

Get best odds all the time!

As with all betting, your pick 3 betting strategy must include the best odds you can possibly get for your three horse picks. The smallest change in individual race odds found by comparing bookmaker odds as part of your betting strategy preparation is magnified many times with the bigger payouts from the pick 3 when the three wins are rolled together. Many bookmakers for horse racing offer some form of best odds guaranteed promotion which are definitely worth investigating.

Acca Insurance could save your skin!

The pick 3 selection, just like all multiple bets or accumulators, requires all three of those picks to come good. If just one selection fails to romp home in first, the entire pick 3 is lost. However, a lot of bookmakers are now offering various versions of acca insurance, which could give you a much needed safety net. In this case, if one of your selections should falter and lose, the bookie will give you back your initial stake for the pick 3 as a bonus bet to be used on their site. However, make sure you look at the t&cs of the offer to be sure pick 3 selections are included!

Pick 3 betting – is it for you?

The obvious benefit of the pick 3 is that it’s a simple multiple bet to add to your betting and the rewards of landing the pick 3 can be quite spectacular. The downside, of course, is that you have the chance to blow your entire stake with just one loss, which is why the bookies are so keen to give you really tempting odds for the three race combination.

However, we still believe that, with the right pick 3 betting strategy in place, the pick 3 offers a great value combo bet. But, we’d also say that it’s a betting choice not particularly good for novice punters. The right pick 3 betting strategy requires you to really put in the work analysing the potential races for the right three horses, and that’s something far easier to get right with a bit of experience under your belt.