Value Betting Tips – Find And Use Great Paying Value Bets

The basics of the value betting strategy

Bookmakers pride themselves on getting the odds that they offer on sports betting right. After all, if they didn’t, there wouldn’t be many of them left in business. And whilst all good bookmakers do get the odds they offer right most of the time, they are only human, which means that, occasionally, they will make a mistake. And it’s recognising and taking advantage of those mistakes that forms the basis of the value betting strategy.

Every so often, any bookie will get the odds wrong and either ‘overvalue’ or ‘undervalue’ a fixture, match, race, or event. Overvalued odds are no good to you but you’ll definitely want to be looking for the undervalued odds. This means that the odds for that particular bet are far more favourable than they should be and it’s the perfect time for you to swoop in and take full advantage of that by making the poor bookmaker really regret their mistake. By understanding what value betting is, you’re in prime position to really make some great bets and wonderful winnings and with the help of these handy value betting tips, Sportwetten wants to get your value betting winnings off to a flying start.

How to find those value bets

Unlike some other betting strategies, the value betting strategy applies to absolutely anything a bookmaker offers as a sporting bet. All it takes is for the bookmaker to make some small mistake with the odds they’re offering and for you to be able to recognise the mistake and hit the bookie hard!

So, the most important of our value betting tips we can offer is that you have to be able to recognise that a bookie has inadvertently offered you a value bet. And to do that, you’re going to have to know what the usual betting odds are. That means you need to get some knowledge! Do your research, spend some time looking at a particular sport, and learn what sorts of odds are normally offered in certain circumstances. This is the only way that you will then be able to recognise those undervalued odds that all bookmakers occasionally make. Once you can spot a great value betting opportunity, you’re off and running towards some potentially great winnings!

Your value betting strategy can encompass one sport or many sports, all you need to be sure of to get value betting right is that you know enough about the sport and the usual odds offered by bookmakers. Because of this, we’d definitely say that when you’re starting out with a value betting strategy you concentrate on just one sport that you already know well.

Value betting – what’s the risk?

All of our value betting tips rely on the idea that bookies are, despite what you might think, human and can make mistakes. When the bookie gets things wrong and it’s in your favour, your value betting strategy should kick in and you can take advantage of the mistake to hopefully win big.

However, taking advantage of a value bet still means that the undervalued selection has to win, and that’s never guaranteed! How much risk you’re prepared to take is all going to be down to your individual betting style, but conservative bettors and high rollers alike can certainly make a value bet pay out big.

And, although they do happen, it is rare for the bookie to slip up in setting the odds. So if you are going to look out for value bets to back, do be aware that it’s not something that’s any kind of get rich quick scheme. Think of it as a very nice gift horse from the bookie – and you know what they say about not looking a gift horse in the mouth, don’t you?

Value Betting Strategy – the joy of getting one over on the bookies!

As you’ve hopefully seen from our useful value betting tips here, a really great value betting strategy can give you the incredible feeling that, not only have you won your bet, you’ve also managed to bamboozle the bookie! Finding that great value bet does definitely take a lot of experience and a comprehensive knowledge of the odds usually offered by the bookie for any given sport. So it’s not something we’d suggest you immediately start looking for – learn your sport, get to know the odds involved and then start looking!

Don’t be getting your hopes up too much though. It would be wrong to expect to get that many value betting opportunities from bookmakers, but as long as you’re always aware that they do occur occasionally and you’re able to recognise them when you see them, you’re in a perfect position to turn a simple error by a bookie into a great win for yourself! Good luck and good value bet hunting!