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Although most of us will be happy relying on our gut instincts for making sports bets, there is little denying the fact that some betting tips can be a great way to help us along. This is why we have been careful to include a dedicated sports betting tips section, so that you can find some helpful advice for your next bet. All of our betting tips can be accessed for free, so that you don’t have to spend a penny of your betting budget in order to use our vast resource of wagering advice. And just in case you were wondering, all of our free betting tips are pooled from our team of sports experts who also provide you with advice for where you can get the best odds and how much risk is associated with each sports bet.

So what kinds of betting tips can you expect to find here? As football is the world’s most popular sport, then you won’t be stuck for choice in finding plenty of great free betting tips for the beautiful game here. We will also do our best to include lots of helpful  advice for classic betting sports like horse racing and greyhound racing, whilst fans of iconic sports like tennis, cricket, rugby and snooker will also feel the benefit of our expertise. And just in case you have a preference for niche sports, then we will endeavour to include some helpful sports betting tips for everything from darts to eSports too. All of which should mean that you will never have to make an ill-informed sports bet again. So, be sure to check in with us before you lay down your next bet.

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Get the best football betting tips here

Whilst we enjoy providing betting tips for a wide variety of sports, there is little doubt that football holds a special fascination for us. Whether it’s a Premier League clash, FA Cup tie or an international friendly, there’s nothing like taking a bet on the world’s best football players to really add some excitement to the action. But regardless of how well-informed we are about our favourite football teams, there always comes a time when we could use a little extra advice. It’s all too easy to become biased when we are betting on certain teams, but by consulting our betting tips, then you will easily be able to see the bigger picture. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t follow your own instincts, but there’s no harm in checking what our team of experts have to say about the football match that you are placing your bets on.

Of course, there’s more to sports betting than just football. So if you are into cricket, tennis, rugby, horse racing or something more niche, then you can be sure of getting some great tips for your sports bets. And with even some tips for darts and eSports, you should have no problem in making a better-informed bet.

Our betting tips

A betting tip for each match

Coming up with betting tips is never an easy task. Despite the huge variety of variables that go into our betting tips, we take the task very seriously so that you stand a better chance of getting a winning bet. We’ll take in everything from weather conditions to past form to come up with our tips, and we will also keep an eye on all news outlets and social media channels in order to come up with some watertight betting advice. In addition to this, we will also try and find you the bookies with the best odds for each individual betting tip so that your winning result delivers you the largest possible profits.

Whilst we are serious about our betting tips, we don’t want to lose sight of the basic fact that sports betting should always be about entertainment rather than making money. So, always remember to gamble responsibly and bet with money that you don’t mind losing.

Why use our betting tips?

It’s probably true that just about anybody could come up with some betting tips just by keeping up to date with the latest sporting news. But whilst you should always do your own betting research, we think that our betting tips can save you a lot of time and give you the edge in formulating your own betting strategies. So, let our team of experts do the hard work and then get ready to make some profits by betting on your favourite sport.

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Using our sports betting tips today

We want to give you everything you need to make a well-informed sports bet. That’s why we will give you plenty of preparation for betting by giving you our tips well in advance of your chosen sporting event. But it doesn’t stop there, as we also provide extremely detailed reviews of all of the best bookmakers around. These reviews cover everything from a sportsbook’s betting odds and bonuses to their customer service facilities and accepted payment methods.

This gives you the perfect way to make a sports bet as you can use our tips to get an insider’s edge, and then use our bookmaker reviews to find a reputable bookie who is willing to take your bets. Plus when you consider that you can easily compare odds from a vast array of bookmakers all in one place, then you will have a great headstart in making a winning bet.

Evaluating risk in our betting tips

Whilst we take great pride in providing you with some excellent betting tips, we have to state the obvious and let you know that there’s no such thing as a guaranteed sports bet. So, each of our betting tips will let you know how much risk each tip includes.

  • High risk bets: These can offer some amazing profits, but you’ll need some luck
  • Medium risk bets: These bets balance a fair amount of risk with the potential for some decent profits
  • Low risk bets: These will contain low odds but stand a good chance of success

By categorising each of our betting tips according to their risk levels, you will quickly be able to see which tip is best-suited for your own betting needs.

How to use our betting tips

Follow these simple steps

Step 1

The first thing that you will see when you look at one of our betting tips, is an indication of what kind of bet we are talking about. This will quickly reveal whether we are favouring a simple match winner bet, or whether we are suggesting that you take a different kind of wager such as an over/under bet. Most bookies will accommodate all kinds of bets, so don’t be afraid of trying some new kinds of sports bets.

Step 2

Next you will see which bookmaker we think could be a good match for this kind of bet. We’ve carefully shortlisted a selection of betting sites who we think offer a great combination of competitive odds and a reliable betting service. By quickly comparing all of the available odds for our betting tip, we’ll take the stress out of finding the perfect bookie so that you can take advantage of our advice with the bare minimum of fuss.

Step 3

From here, you will see the available odds for the betting tip. This is where it gets interesting as it allows you to calculate how much you could win if you followed our betting advice. But in order to help you think about how much you should wager, we’ve also included an idea of what kind of stake you should put down in accordance with our betting tip. Whilst you should always follow your intuition and gamble responsibly, it’s always good to get an idea of how our experts will be wagering on these sporting events.

Step 4

Finally, each betting tip will be accompanied with details about how risky it would be to follow that particular tip. This risk-level is tied into the odds on offer, so that if you see a betting tip with low odds, then you should know that this isn’t a very risky bet. But don’t be feel like you should necessarily avoid our high risk betting tips as these have the potential to deliver some truly remarkable profits. As always, it’s a matter of money management and gambling responsibly to ensure that you are able to last the distance.

Sports betting for newbies

We know how easy it can be for resources like us to get carried away and use betting jargon that is unfamiliar to newcomers to sports betting. So we have taken steps to ensure that everything is clearly explained in simple language so that nobody gets confused. Even if we have to use terminology like ‘wagering conditions’ to describe a welcome bonus deal, we will always try and explain these phrases so that you feel comfortable in making your sports bets. So that whether you are looking for the perfect bookmaker, or are just brushing up on your betting strategies, you should have no problem in making the most of our betting resource.

      The process of making betting tips

      A guide

      We all know how there’s an endless range of tipster sites that like to advertise how successful their betting tips are. However, we have to remember that a lot of their opinions are just well-informed guesses at best. Thankfully, we have implemented a much more rigorous process when it comes to creating betting tips. We spend a lot of time carefully examining the hard facts and figures of each player, runner and team’s past form so that you have all of the relevant information at your fingertips. As well as this, we research our betting tips using data from a wide variety of reputable sources so that you can be sure that our advice isn’t biased.

      The analysis behind our tips

      You’ll be glad to know that each betting tip is accompanied by all of the careful analysis used to come up with our advice. This means that you can see details about who will be taking part in the event, along with past form, weather conditions and even some sporting rumours and gossip. All of which will help reveal that our betting tips are completely transparent and are only designed to help you get the biggest profits possible. Here are some of things that you will find with each betting tip.

      Date and time
      Venue / location
      League / tournament

      As well as this, we will give you some helpful background information so that you can see how each player, runner or team has been performing recently. This information will include the following.

      • Position of participant in league/rankings
      • Number of league points or other achievements

      Key features of our tips articles

      Plenty of statistics

      We want to back up our opinions with plenty of detailed statistics. From the number of maiden overs bowled by a cricket player, to the amount of tries scored by a rugby star, it’s only through including plenty of concrete numerical facts that we are able to provide trustworthy betting tips. All of which should help you make your bets in confidence.

      The all-important odds

      All of our betting advice would be meaningless unless you could find some profitable odds to use our betting tips on. This is why we will highlight any relevant betting odds so that you can work out whether you should use our advice, or follow your own instincts. Just remember that we are able to instantly compare odds from a wide variety of bookies to help you make a decent profit.

      Get the latest facts

      We know that things can change very quickly in the world of sport. Whether it’s an injury in training, or a last-minute team change, all of these things can dramatically affect your betting fortunes. We will make sure that all of our betting tips are completely up to date and relevant, so that you can make a successful sports bet - no matter what happens during the build-up to the event.

      Conclusion: We’re serious providing you with a great resource for your sports betting. Whether you are looking for the best odds possible, or are just seeking advice on your betting strategies, we want to give you everything you need to make a winning bet. Be sure to keep checking back to see how we can help you win big on your favourite sport.

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